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Fresh quality plants. Directly from our growers.
FlorAccess - The purchasing platform for wholesalers, garden centers, and florists.
Bromelia MIX (Bromelia Specialist)
Bromelia MIX (Ammerlaan )
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Bromelia MIX (Best Bromelia)
Bromelia MIX (Best Bromelia)

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For wholesalers, gardencenters and florists.
Buy directly from quality growers.
Save 20% on your favorite products
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I am very satisfied with FlorAccess. They are very responsive and have good advice. I would certainly recommend their service!

Noam Levy, Atelier Green Factory

Thanks to FlorAccess I get better quality products compared to buying through intermediaries.

Paul Sutton, Lancasters Home & Garden

Top quality plants, directly from the grower

FlorAccess allows you to buy the best trees, shrubs and plants for your customers, directly from the grower. Skipping the intermediaries means faster service, and gets you a fresher product of higher quality. The short supply chain will also reduce the cost of the products, typically saving 10 to 20 percent.

FlorAccess has strict policy for selecting quality growers, and we offer a quality guarantee: Not happy with the quality of your products? Let us know what is wrong and we will refund you your money.

How does it work?

FlorAccess allows you to skip the intermediaries. We enable you to easily buy directly from the grower. Growers advertise their quality products on FlorAccess; you search and select the product you want to order and pay them. You can compile a trolley layer by layer. Growers receive your order via FlorAccess and take it to our hub. We prepare your order for shipment, and take care of the delivery to you and payment to the grower. If you let FlorAccess organise your transport, the shipment will leave immediately.

Listing your benefits

• You can earn more or compete better through lower prices;

• You will receive a fresher product, due to faster delivery;

• FlorAccess offers a Best Price Guarantee: Not satisfied? Money returned.

For Wholesalers, garden centers and florists.

Are you a professional buyer of floriculture products? Then FlorAccess is here for you. We carefully select growers of trees, shrubs and plants to match the latest market trends.

You can order per layer, combining your desired assortment on one or more trolleys. You can pick up your order yourself, or have us deliver it to your place of business. If you order today, your order will be ready for shipment the next day. You can easily order multiple times a week, just as you are used to. This way you can always offer your customers the freshest products. Ideal if you're not located close to the auction in The Netherlands, or if you buy from an exporter.

About FlorAccess

FlorAccess is an independent Dutch company. Founded in 2012 with the belief that the supply chain in the floriculture industry could and should operate more effectively. We thought that the best way of doing so was to connect growers directly to professional buyers. As growers focus on making the best products, we've developed FlorAccess, a place where they can sell their products online. This way they can focus on what they do best, while you can browse their goods online. This way you get a fresher product for the best price in the market, while they get in touch with buyers directly. This way of working benefits the entire industry.